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February 4, 2019

#MyStyleMySound with Dahlia Sleeps

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Reading Time: 5 minutes


ellesse: Could you tell me how your band go together – if there was something iconic?

Lucy: Nothing particularly iconic, Luke and I met through some other musician friends and we just started writing music together, Luke produces and I write and sing – and this was four years ago now. Initially, we were just chilling but then we wrote a song called ‘Breathe’ and decided that we should release music together. Then very soon after that, we needed to get a live set together so Spencer came onboard on guitar and Callum on drums and it’s been like that ever since. Spencer and Luke have known each other for years back to school days. Callum came on board because Luke’s mum was a chiropractor and Callum’s dad went to go see Luke’s mum and they both spoke about their kids and what they do and we needed a drummer. Not really an exciting story.


ellesse: Are there any musical memories from your past which made you want to be involved in music more than any other profession?

Lucy: This is really cheesy, but I really love musicals and I remember, when I was a kid I went to see them – not even when I was a kid – and wanting to be able to do that. But I don’t ever thig I saw a musical future for myself because it felt like a dream life, rather than a reality. I was too scared to do something that was kind of risky and unstable, so it just sort of happened by a very, very happy accident, rather than something that I dreamed of when I was a kid, I think I did in the same way all kids dream of it. I was always just far too sensible to think that that was something I could actually do.

ellesse: I used to go to musicals as a kid, I never thought I’d be in them but my sister and my mum were a big part of musicals and it was nice to see them. My family have always been music orientated.

Lucy: I literally knew every single ‘Cats’ song from beginning to end. I was intolerable, just always singing.


ellesse: What’s it like, being in the studio and writing music? You’ve released an album did you say?

Lucy: We are about to release out third EP, so hopefully there will be an album next. It is the writing and being in the studio writing that is why we do what we do. There’s no feeling like it when I come in with a song that I’ve written on piano and Luke turns it into a full track, or he’s written an instrumental and something flows out, it’s just the best feeling in the world. Just sitting there and creating something that means so much, it’s my favourite part of what we do.


ellesse: Music can be quite reflective of people’s moods, maybe like if you’re feeling down you’ll listen to something really sad music or something uplifting – what do you think your music can give to people?

Lucy: most of our music is pretty emotional, I feel like maybe it’s the kind of music that you listen to when you’re not doing so well but you need a bit of hope. I think that it is all extremely relatable and that’s what we’ve heard a lot from people who’ve listened to it. It encapsulates what they’re feeling in that moment, which is what I try and do when I’m writing, so that’s really cool. I don’t know if it’s necessarily like exciting road trip music, but more reflective maybe. It depends what type of road trip maybe, if you’re planning on doing a lot of weeping.


ellesse: Do you get nervous when you preform?

Lucy: It is a real, real fear of mine and something that I have really struggled with, and still hugely struggle with. I get horrible, horrible stage fright and a tone of self-doubt and I’m a complete perfectionist, always focusing on the thing that have gone wrong rather than the things have gone right. Yeah, I get really, really scared, the boys have a great time but…so do I after the first couple of songs while I settle into it. I guess that some people do just really do struggle with it and it slightly takes over my life for the weeks leading up to a show, I have to visualise it going well because I do get really terrified. It’s a scary thing to do.


ellesse: Do you have any inspirations?

Lucy: As a band, we’ve all listened to quite different music, which I think is really cool because we have influences from so many different areas like Luke’s history is quite ambient, electronica production. I listened to quite melodically, lyrically driven music, like ‘Florence and the Machine’ was one of my absolute favourites she is like a poet to me, her writing is amazing. I’ve been listening to Jorja Smith’s album on repeat, and obviously bands like ‘Radio Head’ and all that stuff as well. Pretty much anything that has a lot of meaning to it and it poetic.


ellesse: Is your band full time or do you have other jobs?

Lucy: We all do have jobs, but flexible part time jobs. Luke is producing full time now which is awesome.


ellesse: Is that at his own studio?

Lucy: Yeah, so he shares a studio with Jacob, who is in a band called ‘The Hicks’, the drummer, and he produces as well so they share the space and share all their gear, it’s a really nice space.


ellesse: Have you ever had to distance yourself from music, has it ever got like too much and you’ve had to have a bit of space?

Lucy: I think one thing that we are really good at as a band is talking to each other. I think it’s impossible when you’re in a situation where you’re working together and you’re pretty much a family to kind of not get to a point where you’re like ‘I just need to breathe’. We are really good at telling each other when that happens and talking about it. A break isn’t something that really happens and obviously at this point you’re not going to turn down opportunities that come up. I feel like, especially if we’ve had a run up to a really important show, we all need to decompress a little bit because it’s such a come down and you’ve been working so hard for a big event – but not for long. I think that fact that we talk about stuff makes it much easier to not feel like we have to get away from each other or get away from music for a while. I think the compulsion to keep creating and keep writing always brings us back.


ellesse: So, this campaign is called ‘My Style My Sound’ and there is a big campaign that’s been running with ellesse called ‘My Style My Rules’…

Lucy: …You’re not going to ask me about style, are you? Because that’s not what I’m good at.


ellesse: Have you got ways of being in the studio that you live by, not rules but a set method of how you do things?

Lucy: It’s funny because I did this performance earlier on in the year on my own, just for a friend and it was about breaking down your songs and talking about how they were created and then playing them, and every song had a completely different birth story. I think, looking at the music that’s on the EP that we are releasing in January, every single song arrived differently in a different way and there’s a song on there that Luke created the whole thing before I heard it, lyrics, melody, production, everything. There’s a song that I wrote on the piano and then gave to Luke. We spend a lot of time writing apart, and then we bring what we have back to the studio. But the best ones for me are when we are there together and it all comes at once and suddenly in fifteen minutes you’ve written a song, which ‘Love Loss’ which we played today, came out in that way. But there’s no rules and no reason, it just happens in whatever way it happens.


ellesse: Have you got anything on next year other than the EP?

Lucy: Yeah, so the EP comes out January 18thit’s called ‘Love Loss’ and it’s going to be on vinyl which will be our first record on vinyl which is really, really exciting. Then I guess just some shows around the UK and stuff, that’s the plan.

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