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November 27, 2018

Trend Alert: Buzzing in Black and Yellow

You know what it is…black and yellow, black and yellow. Wiz Khalifa may have just predicted what was to come when he rapped about this season’s key colours way back in 2010…but were you expecting to be wearing it? Probably not!

It’s not a shade that’s trended much in recent years, in fact, it maybe a bit of a marmite colour too. But bold yellow has made an entrance with a bang for autumn winter 2018 and you’re going to see it everywhere.

And you’re going to see it worn alongside darker shades, primarily black, for a real contrast against the colourful yellow.

Being dubbed as Gen Z Yellow, it might sound a bit cringe. But it represents the optimistic outlook, joy and hope of the game-changing generation. It’s the universal colour of sunshine and warmth, and we certainly need some of that in the cold, rainy months.

Colour Blocking with Gen Z Yellow

If you’re all about bold looks, then wear Gen Z Yellow items by themselves with a black contrasting bottom – a stand out style that brings warmth to your autumn wardrobe. It could be a chunky hoody, cool polo shirt or must-have track top.


Understated Gen Z Yellow

If you’re keen on the colour, but don’t want to look too in-your-face, then go for pieces with a nod to Gen Z Yellow. You’ll find black pieces with accents of yellow on stripes and taping.

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