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September 19, 2018

7 Essentials for Surviving Freshers Week

With Freshers Week fast approaching, if you’re heading to university for the first time you might not know what to expect. A week of freshers fairs, free goodies, fancy dress and plenty of fun. It’s quite literally a week dedicated to enjoying yourself, socialising and freebies.

Make sure you’re ready for Freshers with this list of essentials for surviving your first week!


Stash of ready meals

It’ll probably be the first time you’re having to cook for yourself day in, day out. And when you’re rolling out of bed in the afternoon with little time to get ready, cooking will be the last thing on your mind. That’s why ready meals are always a life saver during the first few weeks of university, stick it in the microwave and it’s cooked within a few minutes.


Local taxi number

Since you’ll be in new surroundings, it’ll take you a while to figure out where everything is. And just in case you find yourself lost, especially at night, always keep the number of a local taxi company store in your phone so they can come to your rescue and whisk you back to your halls of residence safely.


Hoody to chill in

There will be a fair few days of lounging around watching Netflix after a night out. So of course, you’ll need a hoody to chill in. Check out our selection of men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies. A decent hoody will also keep you warm – keep those heating bills down!


Budget for spending

Freshers can be quite an expensive time. Don’t blow all your loan straight away, you need to make it last. So budget for each event you attend. If it’s a night out, always attend pre-drinks and drinking water in between alcoholic drinks will not only save you a hangover but also plenty of money! Also avoid joining up to clubs straight away which have joining fees, take your time to decide if it’s something you really want to do.


Fully charged phone

Make sure your phone is charged up. You could even buy a portable charger just in case. There are a few reasons why. You’ll be meeting lots of new people and that means lots of new phone numbers, Facebook friends, Snapchat contacts and Instagram follows, you don’t want to pass up making a new buddy because you’re out of battery. You’ll find the maps on your phone really useful for getting around your new area too. And, as above, calling taxi companies after nights out.


Fancy dress outfits

Fancy dress plays a big part in freshers with so many themed nights taking place. So rather than throwing a fancy dress outfit together at the last minute, come prepared with something.


A smile and open mind

Last but not least, come to freshers week with a smile on your face and an open mind. It’s a brand new chapter in your life, so be friendly and sociable, and attend as many as events as you can.

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