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June 19, 2018

ellesse sessions x bloxx

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes


In partnership with Metropolis Studios London, ellesse’s music series returns for a 2nd consecutive year. With a hotbed of over 10 exciting new acts to announce, ellesse sessions showcases some of the UK’s brightest artists from an array of music genres. The music series unearths some of the hottest talent out there with ellesse championing their sound, style and music whilst creating the perfect platform for them to showcase their skills.

Next in line were the female fronted, four-piece indie grunge-pop band, BLOXX, who came down to Metropolis Studios London to lay down two of their singles, ‘You’ and ‘Novocain’.

Having originally met in college in London, the four got together and dropped their debut single ‘Your Boyfriend’ in 2016, but It was not until they released ‘You’ back in 2017 that the band started to build some serious momentum, as their unique combination of pop and grunge-esque melodies, marked a real refreshing and distinctive group to break through the indie circuit.

Having now released a series of singles with Chess Club Records, BLOXX’s rise to success has been unprecedented, headlining countless shows and featuring on huge festival line-ups amongst the likes of The Wombats and Sundara Karma. 2018 is now shaping up to be their most exciting yet, as BLOXX are set to perform at the likes of Reading and Leeds, whilst also announcing their first UK tour in November.

All that’s left to do is tune in, turn the volume up and get down to the sounds of the ellesse sessions!


We asked BLOXX our infamous e11esse eleven:


What did you want to be when you grew up?

We’re still growing! Paul wanted to be an Archaeologist when he was younger, originally Taz wanted to be an Astronaut, but sadly came to the realisation that he wasn’t bright enough for that, so electric guitarist seemed like an adequate career path to change to. Ophelia’s always wanted to be a Musician of some sort, whether that was more focused around the the tech aspects of music or performing live music. Moz wants to be the next John Bonham, we still believe in him.

What’s the strangest way you’ve ever made money?

I think the fact that people pay money to come watch us jump and scream around on a stage for 30-45 mins is quite strange.

Skiing or tennis?


At the ellesse annual Christmas dinner, which 5 guests would you bring and why?

Dave Grohl – He’d be like the cool dad at the dinner, busting the worst jokes and just smiling all round, I think he was in Nirvana or something too.

Jeff Buckley – Imagine talking to that man for 30 mins, let alone a whole CHRISTMAS DINNER, we miss him!

Jimmy Page – Page is just a never ending fountain of wisdom and incredible stories, he’s someone who’s truly had the world in his hands!

Dan Bilzerian –  he’s the cool distant uncle you never see, but you just know he’s a legend, to have him around your table would be insane!

Nigella Lawson – We’ve all seen her christmas cooking shows and her dinner parties always look amazing so because we can!

How would you explain your music to an OAP?

If you didn’t like the loud fuzzy music from your glory days, you probably won’t like ours hahahaha!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

If you’re going to wear double denim, at least make sure they’re not the same shade of denim. Saved a few lives with that one.

What’s the worst item of clothing you’ve ever worn?

I don’t think we actually have had like worst item clothing, we all dress well enough we think? (Or we’re just enthusiastic about the fashion within the band!)

If you could go back to any era of fashion, what would it be and why?

To the 60’s – There’s a video of Led Zeppelin playing Dazed and Confused to a live audience, and everyone in that video looks INCREDIBLE. Timeless styles that are still massively loved today.

What’s the most diva thing you’ve done?

Sometimes we get a little diva-ish when we don’t get given free water, some venues bless you and others just let you dehydrate!

Who would play you in a film or Netflix series of your life?

I think Michael Cera could easily be Moz, Taz has been told he looks like a pirate before so perhaps Johnny Depp, Paul could have Jason Statham cause he’s well hard and I would LOVE to see Jack Black play Ophelia.

What’s the most impressive thing you’ve built from ikea?

Probably one of their wonderfully named desks, when they sent us an incorrect amount of screws and we STILL managed to put it together. I think it’s broken now hahaha.



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