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May 8, 2018

History of the logo



In the beginning and up until now, we’ve kept it simple. Ellesse’s founder, Leonardo Servadio created the perfect name simply by using his initials: L.S. Go on, try saying it for yourself… Starting off as a ski wear brand, ellesse became famous for it’s padded knee ski trousers, but little did we know it would then become one of the world’s most recognisable sports and lifestyle brands.

We kick off in 1959, when L.S paired together his initials to create ellesse’s first logo. It’s retro and clean design helped it to stand out and his name was soon removed from either side, creating an even simpler look: ‘elle’ and ‘esse’.


As the brand grew, so did the logo. During the 60’s we needed something to place onto the garments. Still keeping the stylish and incomplex feel, we spelt out the word ‘ellesse’ highlighting the L and the S, maintaining the traditional feel but adding colour to align with the vibrant times.

During the 70’s, we rocked the boat. Sure, the current logo was cool but with the epic growth of the brand we needed something more. The “Jet Pant” (remember the famous ski trousers?) was becoming more and more of a success, so the logo was now a vital component to the clothes we were selling and producing. After nailing the ski world, ellesse started to draw in the tennis lovers. It was then the ‘semi-palla’ was born.

The ‘semi-palla’ or ‘half-ball’ represented two tips of a pair of skis and a section of a tennis ball. Symbolizing a combination of the brand’s iconic sports. You may recognise this logo today, we use it for our Heritage collections.

We were content with this for quite a long time, around 35 years in fact, but with trends changing and new partnerships evolving it was time for a clean up. We arrived at the headline logo below, with a subtle colour change and a smoother finish around the edges, that you see today.

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