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November 15, 2017

Make It Music: Erika Jane

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Make It Music: Erika Jane

Say hello to our new Nordic music crush Ericka Jane. The half Dutch/half Filipino songstress has come a long way from her first appearance on X-factor at the age of 15 and is entering a new phase of womanhood with her attitude-infused tunes.

The real hype around Ericka’s music began when she covered Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ and uploaded the track to YouTube. She then released her first EP ‘Favourite Lie’ in 2015, with the lead single of same name circulating on Danish radio after featuring in an advert for HBO NORDIC, as well as featuring on Scandinavian star Christopher’s single ‘Bitter War’.

Last year, Erika made waves on the Danish music scene with her track ‘Bad Like You’, gaining her exposure as one to watch in the industry. Her newest music is an experiment between pop & R’n’B – a sound that Ericka says her heart truly lies with.

For her ellesse Make it Music session, Ericka has performed her hit track ‘Bad Like You’ and the title track from her first EP ‘Favourite Lie’.


We had a chat with Erika Jane after her Make it Music recording to talk about her inspiration, breaking into the UK music scene and what the baddest thing is that she’s ever done…

You auditioned for Danish X-Factor at the age of 15 – that takes guts! Have you always been quite confident?

Well I’ve not always been this confident. I think I gained confidence in 8th grade when I really found what I felt I did best. I’ve always been the weird kid, but I kind of accepted it when I grew older and I’m super glad I did accept it, else I wouldn’t be here I think. I found the friends who could support my decisions, how I am and how I act – they know I can be a weirdo! That gave me confidence also because there was somebody supporting me with my dream of making music.

Your song ‘Insatiable’ is about knowing what you want and going for it. What would you say is the most bold thing you’ve ever done to get a guy’s attention?

I don’t know what the boldest thing is that I’ve ever done to get someone’s attention! If it’s a guy, I always tend to be annoying because I have this idea that guys like being answered back… maybe it’s a bit stupid, but it’s my way of getting what I want I think!

What drives you to succeed? Is it fame, money or just getting your message out there?

It’s getting the message out. I remember when I was younger; I was looking up to these amazing women like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Britney. I remember what the music did to me and how happy I got listening to it, so I want to pass that on to other girls out there. Of course I want to see the world, too

You’ve just performed ‘Bad Like You’ for us. Was it written about anyone in particular?

It wasn’t really about anyone in particular. I think every girl has a crush on a bad boy that they really want and we always want what we can’t have. I think a lot of girls have experienced that, so they can probably relate.

What’s the baddest thing you’ve ever done?

Well, two years ago I snuck into a festival by making my own bracelet [wristband]. I felt really badass when I did that, because I was there for the whole week, so that was kind of bad I think… illegal, maybe!

Do you find it easier to write a song based on personal experiences or is it easier to let your mind run wild?

It depends what mood I’m in. If I’m sad, of course it’s harder to do a sad song, but yeah, it really depends on my mood. I also like to really let my mind flow and see what happens when I hear a melody.

Is there a song that you wish you’d written?

There are a lot of songs I wish I’d written. The whole Frank Ocean album, Beyoncé’s ‘Dangerously In Love’, all the RnB songs, you know?! I wanted to make them.


You sing a lot of your songs in English – is this a conscious decision so that your music can cross borders?

Well ever since I was little I just always watched MTV and the songs are in English. That’s what I feel most comfortable in doing. Of course I want to cross borders and see where it can bring me

So do you have plans to try and break the UK music scene any time soon?

Of course – I’ll take the challenge! [Laughs

If you were to entertain us in Denmark for the day, what would you take us to do or see to have a typical Danish day?

A typical Danish day… ok… Well, we could do some shopping down The Strøget it’s called; we have a lot of shopping there. We have something called Paper Island where we have a lot of street food – I love that! And you could go see the little mermaid statue – she’s very small but she’s very famous, so you have to see that one.


What’s your favourite thing about the UK?

I went to London back in January, where I really had chance to see a lot of the young people living here and I feel like they’re very creative, also in their looks. My favourite thing about the UK is definitely the people. They have a great sense of style over here I think.

So ‘Favourite Lie’ is about someone telling you something and not meaning it. What’s the most recent lie you told?

I guess I just texted my friend that I was sleeping but I wasn’t, because I wanted to be home alone!

You’ve mentioned that Britney, Rihanna, Beyoncé etc are inspirational to you. You’re quite inspirational yourself, but who would you have in your girl squad if you could pick?

I would definitely have Beyoncé of course, Rihanna, Zoë Kravitz – she’s the dopest – and then my best friend Mia.

Who’s the most famous person in your phone book?

Maybe I have Justin Timberlake’s number… I don’t [laughs]. There’s a guy back home called Christopher – he’s pretty famous all round the world and he’s a cool guy. I went on tour with him last summer so I got his number. Yay!

Lastly, what’s your most used Emoji?

My most used Emoji is the pink heart with the arrow through it and the raised hands!


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