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November 17, 2016


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Takes A Tour of Where All The Milanese Cool Kids Used to Kick It Back IN The Day

We just joined forces with progressive fashion and lifestyle website HYPEBEAST to make a film about the Paninaris – stylish Milanese, upper class youths, who liked to wear the best of the best back in the 80s. Early experimenters of the athleisure look, Paninaris rode a motorcycle to school, had a carefree attitude and casually rocked brands like Armani, Stone Island and Moncler. Naturally, these same guys were early ellesse advocates too. The Paninaris aren’t around anymore, but their spirit lives on through ellesse Italia – a limited-edition collection of tailored Italian sportswear – the perfect blend of sports style, flair, form and function. Our Paninaris film takes you on a tour of all the places these cool kids used to kick it in Milan back in the day. Shop the styles online here.

Italian Sportswear Brand, Ellesse Takes Us on a Tour of Where All the Cool Kids Used to Kick It

Throwing it back to ’80s, ’90s Milan.

Fashionable performance wear is considered a standard by present day, however rewind to just over 50 years ago and it was an idea hardly heard of. It was in this market gap which Ellesse saw the opportunity to make something different. Debuting with some of the first aesthetic ski suits in the ’50s, the brand built strong roots in the Italian fashion scene. With its success, the brand saw features in Vogue and later made moves into other spaces like tennis, all while keeping aligned to a bougie fanbase.
Perhaps the brand’s peak in the mainstream was seen in ’80s Milan with an affinity amongst Paninaris – finessed, upper-class youth who always wore the best of the best, an equivalent to present-day hypebeasts. The Paninaro rode a motorcycle to school, had a carefree attitude, and casually sported brands like Armani, Stone Island and Moncler. With wealthier parents, these kids also had a lot of Ellesse in their wardrobe from ski trips. They were early experimenters with athleisure, styling their jackets down for off-slope wear. Paninaris aren’t around anymore, but Ellesse lives on in the revival of retro sportswear. In the brands latest lookbook, Ellesse pays tribute to its heritage taking us to all the places the cool kids used to kick it. Check it out in the photos below.
Liceo San Carlo was the name of the Paninaris high school. Located near the core of Milan, it was the most popular choice for upper-class families to send their kids.


The Duomo was the big cathedral in the city center. It also happened to be situated in a more upper-class area of Milan. Despite being a religious sanctuary, it was actually a popular hang out spot for the Paninaris after hours being conveniently located between their high school and their homes.


Margy Burger was another hot spot on the after school circuit, also because its convenient location. Italian sandwich shops like these which served burgers were super popular during the ’80s, as Italy was seeing a huge influence of Americana culture. A lot of these restaurants eventually died out, but Margy Burger survived keeping the same menu and interior it had in its prime.

Perhaps the most popular of the hang out spots, Piaza San Babila was close to Duomo and probably the best place to really relax. Italy had been undergoing political turmoil, and Milan became victim terrorist attacks because of it. The Paninaro being young and well-off just wanted to hang and get with girls, so this served as a neutral spot to do so and escape all the politics.


After burgers, Piazza Vetra was another popular place to kick it. Here, the crew could easily park their motorcycles, and even hang out during rain storms.


Via Montenapoleone was the street that made the Paninaro what they were. It was the high-end designer district of Milan where you would find things like Moschino and Armani. Things have changed a bit since then, and the street is now home to brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada.

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